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The Most Important Factor in Choosing a Church

Are all churches the same? Depends on what you’re looking for. What is our Sunday morning “church” really about anyway? In the current trending church culture, my concern is that we’re conditioning a bunch of “consumer Christians” and losing focus of what THE church is really all about. From small country churches to the urban mega-church, it seems so many are looking for the latest strategies for being “successful,” yet it would appear that we’re getting further and further from what we see in the New Testament church. It’s not always about the what or how, but the HEART behind it can certainly change everything.

7 Reasons to Stop Tithing

What if I told you the first Christians did not tithe? That tithing was not in the early church until Constantine reintroduced the Jewish practice some 300 years later, the Catholic church adopted it by the 6th century, and so on? What if I showed you that the Bible, and Jesus Himself, do not teach tithing for us today?

This is a Call Out

Jesus never called us to a religion, but rather to the Way of life — to walk the road of #aBolderFaith. Have you ever felt like there’s more...