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7 Reasons to Stop Tithing

What if I told you the first Christians did not tithe? That tithing was not in the early church until Constantine reintroduced the Jewish practice some 300 years later, the Catholic church adopted it by the 6th century, and so on? What if I showed you that the Bible, and Jesus Himself, do not teach tithing for us today?

All Dogs Go to Heaven. Right?

This is a fun question, and a popular one among pet lovers: Do animals go to heaven? For the record, I love animals, and I...

What’s God’s Will for my Life?

Chances are you’ve asked this before. Probably more than once. For me, this hasn’t even been just one simple question, but a different one for...

See the World Through Your Eyes

This is not a “put on your rose-colored glasses” article. In fact, it may be the opposite. I want you to consider that Jesus spent...

Is Jesus the only Way to God?

In a scared effort of not offending anyone (a.k.a. political correctness), public sermons are becoming self-help motivations, pastors and religious talking heads are compromising the Word of God, and Christians are apologizing for their beliefs.

Got Jesus?

Have you ever felt like something’s just not clicking? Or thought “Why is this not working?” Maybe you’ve followed all the steps, all the rules,...

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